Review: Machete (2010)

“You just fucked with the wrong Mexican”.

Machete is action film based round the B movie exploitation style of Grindhouse. The film stars Danny Trejo (Spy Kids), Steven Seagal (Under Siege), Michelle Rodriguez (The Fast and the Furious), Jeff Fahey (Planet Terror), Cheech Marin (Once Upon a Time in Mexico), Robert De Niro (Meet The Parents) and Jessica Alba (Sin City). The film is directed by Robert Rodriguez (Spy Kids, From Dusk Till Dawn and Sin City).

The main plot of the film is around a former Mexican Federal, Machete (Trejo) and how he gets set-up by Michael Booth (Fahey) for attempted assassination on Senator John McLaughlin (De Niro). The film ensues Machete on a bloody and brutal revenge filled rampage to clear his name.

Machete started its life as a fake trailer during Rodriguez and Tarantino’s Grindhouse double feature. A full film was then made after such positive response and gained a somewhat  cult following. In keeping with his previous style film, ‘Planet Terror’ (2007) it uses the same style in terms of editing and storyline. Rodriguez also uses a lot of the same actors from Planet Terror like Jeff Fahey and minor characters.

I’m a massive Planet Terror fan so as soon as I knew that a full feature length version of Machete was on its it way I was dead excited until it came out. Well its out, I saw it, I loved it. I’ve never seen a film that is as over the top and unnecessarily brutal as Machete. I loved every frame of the film and I wasn’t disappointed one bit, actually maybe there could of been more kills. Even down to the cheesy B movie voice over that randomly comes in. Danny Trejo has been in tonnes of films but this is his first lead role, the first Mexican action hero as it were. Rodriguez has said that he wants to make Machete into a trilogy with titles cleverly called ‘Machete Kills’ and ‘Machete Kills Again’ – brilliant stuff and I’m sure when completed this could be a stupendous film series! I highly recommend people to see this film, especially if you like Grindhouse and Rodriguez. I’m giving it a 4/5.


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