Review: Monsters (2010)

Monsters is British science fiction drama starring Whitney Able and Scoot McNairy. Gareth Edwards not only directed but also wrote and did the cinematography of the film. Monsters is distributed by Vertigo Films

The main plot of the film is that its set six years after Earth has suffered an alien invasion. These aliens are squid like creatures that tower the environment. In this world you see a photojournalist, Andrew (Scoot McNairy) caught into doing a babysitting erin of tourist, Samantha (Whitney Able) from Mexico back to the USA. Andrew doesn’t have a choice in matter since Samantha is the daughter of his Boss. You see them work there way from the infected Mexico area to the safety of the US Border without being caught out by these ‘Monsters’.

What stands out the most of this film is the cinematography which beautifully shot, especially for a budget of under $500,000. The film was virtually all shot on location and all the extras you see in the film were normal people who happened to be there. Like I said it was shot really well and the editing is well done, but the film lacked that oomph which the trailers led you to believe. Its a really slow paced film and i’ll be honest I was expecting a District 9/Cloverfield crossover with a little bit of War of the Worlds thrown in for good measure but that wasn’t the case. I recommend the film but I think you people should change there expectations for a high adrenaline sci-fi monster movie because its not that. I’d give it 3/5.


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