Review: Unstoppable (2010)

We are not just talking about a train. We are talking about a missile the size of the Chrysler building.”

Unstoppable is an action thriller film starring Denzel Washington (American Gangster), Chris Pine (Star Trek) and Rosario Dawson (Clerks II). The film is directed by Tony Scott (Top Gun, Domino & The Taking of Pelham 123).

The film is inspired by true events of an unmanned train incident in 2001 called “Crazy Eights”. This freight train was carrying a cargo of hazardous materials with the locomotive out of control. This is the basic plot of the film as the authorities desperately seek the answer to stop this before a potential catastrophic accident happens. It’s up to a veteran engineer Frank Barnes (Denzel Washington) and Will Colson (Chris Pine) who are on board another train to try and slow down the runaway. With help from Yardmaster Connie Hooper (Rasario Dawson) they desperately seek to find the solution.

What can I say about this film? I really enjoyed it. Its a high octane, adrenaline filled and loud high speed thriller of a movie which delivers exactly what it says on the tin. No false advertising within the trailers as Tony Scott gives us one of the best films of his career. It’s like Speed (1994) but on tracks. Denzel Washington and Chris Pine are both casted well and you really do believe that they are train operators which makes the film seem more real, that sense of the ‘every day’ man. And with Rosario Dawson as the Yardmaster it can’t fail and it doesn’t. Unstoppable is one of the best Popcorn action film of this year and I recommend it a good watch. I’m giving it 4/5.


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