DVD Review: Miracle at St. Anna (2011)

A war film from legendary director/writer/producer Spike Lee – but like everything he makes it focuses on the Buffalo Soldiers 92nd Infantry Division which was the only unit during World War Two to be comprised of African American soldiers. This division was mainly used in Europe, specifically the Italian Campaign.

Now I like Spike Lee, I also like war films and the story of Miracle at St. Anna is great. However the film doesn’t live up to the standards as it should, especially with such a talented director at the helm. For starters the film is just way too long, 160 minutes – and it feels like it, maybe even longer and not in a good way.

Safety is the greatest risk of all, because safety leaves no room for miracles and miracles are the only sure thing in life.

The film starts really well, almost in a Saving Private Ryan-esque with a modern time beginning leading into the flashback story which has an epic battle scene. After this the film loses all its pace and direction as it seems lethargic. This is a great shame because like I said the actual story is really interesting. Some questionable cast choices as well, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was probably in the film a total of about 15 to 20 minutes if that. Also John Leguizamo who literally did nothing for the all of 5 minutes I remembered him being in the film. Bit of a disappointment.

It’s a great story but unfortunately the execution didn’t match in a slightly disappointing effort.

Multiplatform release on June 27th.


  • Behind the Scenes Featurette
  • B-Roll
  • Cast and Crew Interviews
  • The Buffalo Soldier Experience (BR Exclusive)

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