Empire presents : BIG SCREEN 2011 – My first real film event

Hello all! So, this the weekend just gone brought us EmpireBIGSCREEN event at London O2. This was over three days, Friday to Sunday from 12th – 14th August. I only attended on the Saturday due to work but even so I was very happy to be there at all! I’m gonna see if I can remember as much as I can because there was a lot to take in.


The day started with a 7.30am wake up and a very easy train/tube trip to the O2. We were handed maps and schedules of the days events and sessions. I arrived also with Scott (@FrontRoomCinema) – he then proceeded to his queue where as I took a little wonder to gather my bearings. I also then met up with Charmaine (@charmaineblatch), it has also been a good opportunity to meet all these twitter folk is person as well. 

Anyway, since I had the diamond ticket it allowed me to go into the studio showcase screenings where we see loads of trailers and clip footage. Most of it never been scene before or even finished at all! Because of this we had to hand in our phones and cameras at the door, this wouldn’t of been a problem if I had brought a pad and pen to write notes down! I’ll try and remember as much as I can or just the main stand out footage.

It didn’t start well when we had the trailer and exclusive footage from the new Twilight film but thats just me, we then had MyAnna Buring who chatted about it and took a few questions. Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows was reasonably big with again more footage and a surprise with Guy Ritchie coming out to also have a chat about the project and possible further sequels. He seemed rather relaxed about it anyway. Lots of film footage for upcoming films like Total Recall, Straw Dogs, Contagion, Ghost Rider and Final Destination 5 – some of these actually look better than expected.

We saw another video diary from Peter Jackson on The Hobbit set which was great. Some of my highlights from the showcases were footage and talk for upcoming british film Kill List and 30 Minutes or Less clips. Roland Emmerich was also there and came out to talk a bit about his upcoming film Anonymous which looks interested, also had two Aardman presentations with Arthur Christmas and The Pirates! Band of Misfits which have to say looks like great fun! And the icing on the this film cake? Extended trailer and footage for The Amazing Spider-Man which looks so so good – we got to see the first clip of The Lizard and its looking decent, although the 3D trailer still looked pants.

After all this excitement I left and took a wonder throughout the event. I say wonder, I mean looking anything and everything Star Wars! Look STORMTROOPERS! By this point I met up with Mike (@littlelestpicshow). I ventured into the Star Wars blu-ray room where I was approached to do an camera interview on my love of Star Wars, I said yes naturally which was very cool. 

Star spotting: Joe Cornish and the kids from Attack The Block perusing at The Troll Hunter jeep that was on display.

My final session of the day was the Star Wars ILM presentation with Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) and a few key members of ILM. This was an interesting talk about effects and discussions on the difference between visual and special effects. Also more talk on the blu-ray release and the inevitable 3D cinema releases. Anthony Daniels was a very charming host as well.

I didn’t manage to see any films out right but overall I didn’t leave disappointed. I’ll certainly be doing all three days next year. Hope this gives you some insight.

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