Review: Killing Bono (2011)

Killing Bono isn’t the film quite a lot of people would be expecting when seeing it. He is still alive and well. The film stars Ben Barnes, Robert Sheehan, Martin McCann, Krysten Ritter, Peter Serafinowicz and Pete Postlethwaite in his final film appearance.

I remember seeing the trailer back in December and thinking this could be a surprisingly entertaining film which it is but somehow loses on what sort of film it ones to be. With this in mind though the acting isn’t hampered. Ben Barnes plays Neil McCormick who has almost a crusade to hate U2 and Bono for becoming one of the worlds biggest bands, whilst he’s still struggling along with his brother Ivan McCormick who is played by Robert Sheehan. Individually they both act very well but together I didn’t sense strong chemistry considering there meant to be brothers in the film.

One of the main things to stand out from the film was Pete Postlethwaite who plays Karl. You can clearly see how ill he was but to his credit still put on a great performance for the character he played. Krysten Ritter is the small ‘love interest’ but her main role is help the McCormick brothers get there band up and running. And finally Peter Serafinowicz who plays Hammond, a drugged up manager who gives them the chance to be the biggest band in the world – aside from U2 though.

Nick Hamm’s direction is pretty decent but with some questionable shots. For example when the camera was attached to the front of Ben Barnes in a sort of Peep Show-esque way but kinda felt more like Sir Digby Chicken Caesar from That Mitchell and Webb Look. Everything else though was pleasing. I found the alright, nothing bad or outstanding. The film could of been a lot better had it decided what root it wanted to go down as it was sometimes funny, sometimes sad and sometimes challenging – but one thing that will resonate with people is that feeling when your dream was to be in a big rock band. But overall an average watch.


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