Review: Morning Glory (2011)

Morning Glory is a comedy drama film written by Aline Brosh McKenna who brought us The Devil Wears Prada. The film is directed by Roger Michell who’s previous films consist of Notting Hill and Changing Lanes. It’s also produced by J. J. Abrams. Now that’s quite an assemble of talent even before we get to the cast.

So whats the story, Morning Glory? Well the story is about a young promising producer, Becky Fuller (McAdams) as she becomes the new executive producer of a sinking morning show called ‘DayBreak’. Fuller is hired by network executive Jerry Barnes (Goldblum) and given the challenge to boost the ratings. Fuller doesn’t spend much time hanging around as she quickly fires co-host Paul McVee (Burrell) leaving Colleen Peck (Keaton) with yet another person to work with. After finding a loop hole in a contract, Fuller tricks serious news anchor Mike Pomeroy (Ford) to becoming the new co-host of DayBreak. Pomeroy begrudgingly excepts as he has no choice. Adam Bennett (Wilson) plays the standard love interest in the film.

Rachel McAdams is wonderful in the movie. She’s extremely cute and lovable and really suits these roles. She holds you attention for the duration of the film and you really root for her character. You see her character develop from being somewhat naive into a person who really takes charge and control of the situation.

Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford make up the hosts of DayBreak. Keaton is good in the film and seems so natural and effortless. However the surprise of the film is Ford playing an excellent and amusing grumpy character. Ford isn’t exactly challenging himself with this role but it ends up being one of his best performances. Harrison Ford delivers some great comic lines and the chemistry between him and Keaton is great.

Jeff Goldblum, like Harrison Ford isn’t pushing his acting further in this film but its good none the less. I would of liked to of seen more of him as I think he’s a great actor and its always a joy to see him on screen. Patrick Wilson could not of been needed but I suppose they had to add in the standard cliche love interest in the film, standard 101 of reaching to a wider audience.

Have to say, I found the film very enjoyable with all performances as whole working really well. This film obviously aims more to the ladies (with enough Natasha Bedingfield to please them) but there is plenty for us guys to enjoy. The humour, when going is funny but that doesn’t really get to speed until the middle of the film. The film is easy and fun to watch. Could this be a guilty pleasure? I think it could be but don’t tell anyone else. It’s not a ‘must see’ but it’s worth it if you want something light to watch.


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