I 15 h4ck1ng y0ur c0mpu73r m41nfr4m3: Top 5 Movie Hackers




Did you get that?

Computer hacking has always been very popular in films. Whether your taking down the government, re-starting a planet, trying to play games or even hacking for the sake of it – there are always extremely good and effective for what they do.

So here are my Top 5 Movie Hack3rs

5. BORIS GRISHENKO / GOLDENEYE – Boris, the Russian computer programmer who can hack into the United States Department for Justice with ease. He also likes to proclaim “I am invincible!”

4. DAVID LIGHTMAN / WARGAMES – “Shall we play a game?” David, a young teenager, hacks into a NORAD system of the government who he thinks is just video game company Protovision nearly starts global nuclear war.

3. NEO / THE MATRIX – Neo or ‘Thomas Anderson’ in the no-so-real-world in a quiet programmer by day, hacker by night who penetrates systems and steals information and slowly learns about the ‘The Matrix’.

2. THEODORE DONALD ‘RAT’ FINCH / THE CORE – Probably the ‘geekiest’ hacker on the list. He’s crippled the FBI database and can also give you free over-sea calls for life on your phone by using gum foil. 

1. STANLEY JOBSON / SWORDFISH – Stanley, who uploaded a potent computer virus that delayed a new FBI programme for several years. But this isn’t why he’s number one. The fact he can hack into a system in 60 seconds whilst held at gun point and receiving ‘oral pleasures’ all at the same time is one concentrated and determined hacker.

And do you fancy being a hacker? Then you can fun with these website. Go on, trick your friends and family into thinking your destroying mainframes and toppling government websites. http://hackertyper.net/base


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