Last Exit To Nowhere: The first and last name in film apparel


I’m going to take a breather and talk about one of the best film apparel sites out there today. It’s called Last Exit To Nowhere. As far as I’m concerned they do make the best t-shirts for true movie geeks.

I first came across them about four years ago back in College. I saw the website at the back of an Empire magazine and was curious. Low and behold the wondrous film related designs. One particular shirt caught my eye. It was ‘THE MOTHER BLACK CAP’ – a reference to my all time favourite film, Withnail & I. 

They also interact with there fans a lot, and I can see its important to them to do so as well. Wether its on Twitter, Facebook or Website they constantly like to mix with the people that help them keep going. Competitions are regularly run as well and gives fans a chance to get creative to win themselves a t-shirt.

My last LETN t-shirt was the ‘CHAMPIONSHIP VINYL’ design which is reference to High Fidelity. Another personal favourite film of mine.

Anyway don’t let me keep jabbering just go and see for yourself. And its not just me who thinks its an awesome site:

Last Exit To Nowhere, the only name in film apparel.

Twitter: @LASTEXITshirts


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