Mans best friend: Top 10 Movie Dogs


They say mans best friend is a Dog. I’m not going to argue that, despite not having one myself but I sure love them. They also say never work with children or animals, unless those animals are dogs!

Within the span of film there are so many canine appearences that are often pivotal to the plot of the film. In some of they are the lead star! Because of this I have listed my top 10 favourite movie mutts.

Top 10 Movie Dogs

1. BAXTER – ANCHORMAN // He’s so wise. Like a miniature Buddha, covered in hair. Ron’s best friend in the world.

2. BEETHOVEN – BEETHOVEN // The St. Bernard that spawned a franchise of sequels. Probably the most successful movie dog in terms of films.

3. DUG – UP // This loveable and simple Golden Retriever that can talk is one of the highlights in all of Pixar’s creations.

4. FANG – HARRY POTTER // Might appear huge and menacing but Fang is a “bloody coward” and a good companion.

5. HOOCH – TURNER AND HOOCH // He drools, he’s mischievous but he will take a bullet for you. To Hooch, a dedicated police dog.

6. LASSIE – LASSIE // What’s that girl? Someone is making a top 10 movie dog list? And its down the well with little Timmy?! I think Lassie is pretty self explanatory.

7. CHANCE & SHADOW – HOMEWARD BOUND // Double header I know but you can’t them separated. Loveable loyal dogs that cover the rockies to be reunited with there masters.

8. SNOWY – THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN // Trusted Snowy, Tintin’s partner in crime who gets up to mischief and sometimes smarter than Tintin himself.

9. SPOT – SEE SPOT RUN // Agent 11, the FBI dog in witness protection learns to shed off his serious work profile to have fun like a normal dog.

10. UGGIE – THE ARTIST // The Tom Hanks of dogs in terms of critical acclaimed work he’s done. The ultimate movie dog star.


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