NETFLIX Review: Dan In Real Life (2007)

A widower and father of three who also writes a parenting advice column for his local newspaper falls for the girlfriend of his younger brother during a family vacation in director Peter Hedges’ offbeat love-triangle laugher. Steve Carell stars as the writer who finds his widely known convictions put to the ultimate test, with Dane Cook and Juliette Binoche respectively assuming the roles of the younger sibling and his radiant girlfriend.

This is a film I’ve been to catch for a good while. Thankfully with the recent launch of Netflix in UK it was a quick breeze.

Dan In Real Life is a very boring film. It pains me to say it as well because i’m its ideal market. To be honest it was just TO whimsically indie even for my taste. It started off well but then quickly flatlined. Despite this Steve Carell is still wonderful and does a fantastic job doing serious work


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