NETFLIX Review: Mysterious Skin (2004)

In 1981, in Hutchinson, Kansas, the eight year old boy Neil McCormick is sexually abused by his paedophilic baseball coach and his deranged and promiscuous mother does not pay attention. Meanwhile, the also eight year old Brian Lackey awakes from a brief amnesia of four hours with a bleeding nose, but his negligent father does not pay attention to the event. Brian grows-up believing he had been abducted by aliens. The gay Neil grows-up as a hustler. When Brian is eighteen years old, he looks for and meets Neil, who discloses the dark, innermost secrets of their past.

Mysterious Skin is a film I’ve a lot about but never really had the opportunity to see until now. It’s simply brilliant and harrowing film with unforgettable and uncomfortable performances.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives an absolutely fantastic performance. A must watch film.


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