Oh, thats a Pony! Top 10 Bad Film Remakes


Remakes. The thorn in a film fans side. Sometimes they get pulled and often become equal, if not better than the original. But more often or not they fail on so many levels. Traditionally as well it’s the American market which end up bastardising a British classic.

So here are my Top 10 bad film remakes.

1. THE ITALIAN JOB // I don’t think I need to explain why this was a huge mistake. The Italian Job is british classic and one of my favourite films. The US likes to bastardise UK films for there own market.

2. PSYCHO // No one is there right mind should touch a Alfred Hitchcock film to remake, let alone one of his most famous and influential ones.

3. PLANET OF THE APES // Like with a lot of Burton films, style over substance. Just watch the original and superior classic.

4. GET CARTER // Silvester Stallone as Michael Caine? Yeah thats all you need. Shockingly pointless remake of another Caine classic.

5. THE KARATE KID // Some say the new one isn’t that bad but the original is a 80s classic that holds fond memories for me. Also you can’t have a Karate Kid film without Pat Morita.

6. THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS // Okay this one is kinda exempt but I was running out of ideas. I know ones a musical adaptation and not terrible but the original is damn good. Look out for early Jack Nicholson role.

7. ALFIE // It’s kinda slightly embarrassing how much Jude Law wants to be Michael Caine. Even doing a modern remake of a Caine classic doesn’t make you so, sorry Jude.

8. CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY // There so much wrong going on in Tim Burtons version of this tale. It’s soulless and creepy. Johnny Depp sinks to another low with another Burton collaboration.

9. ARTHUR // Classic Dudley Moore film as charming, bumbling and drunk millionaire Arthur. Unfortunately Russell Brand doesn’t have the same charisma.

10. THE LONGEST YARD // The only man that can fill Burt Reynolds shoes is the man himself. Adam Sandler downgrades an instant classic with unfunny humour.


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