Review: Don’t Think (2012)

A summer’s night at Japan’s Fujirock Festival and Ed and Tom Chemical take to the stage to unleash their barnstorming live set on 50,000 festivalgoers. The needle drops and the show begins…

Okay, this is not really a film but a screening of The Chemical Brothers full set at Fujirock Festival in Japan. Now I’ll be perfectly honest when I say I don’t really know a huge deal about Chemical Brothers apart from the mainstream singles. Now by about 10 minutes in that didn’t matter. It was very much apparent that this wouldn’t any ordinary film screening.

For starters it was in the Duke of Yorks Picturehouse. Britain’s oldest and now best cinema. It’s a fantastic theatre, it’s small but it has so much character. Anyway, back on point. Try and think of every rule and guideline for cinema etiquette, now throw that out of the window and you get the experience I had.

By the time we were on the fourth song virtually the whole cinema was bouncing! It was truly the immersive and fourth dimensional experience at a cinema that made you feel like you were at the concert itself.


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