NETFLIX Review: Untitled (2009)

The uncomfortable merger of art and commerce leads to an unstable romantic triangle in this satiric comedy from director Jonathan Parker. Madeleine (Marley Shelton) is a beautiful young woman who runs an upscale art gallery in New York City. While Madeleine prides herself on exhibiting the most daring and cutting-edge work on the East Coast, her dirty little secret is that she’s able to keep the place open by selling the bland but accessible work of her boyfriend (Eion Bailey), whose paintingsĀ are quite popular with corporate clients. However, Madeleine is drawn to moody creative types, and her boyfriend makes the mistake of introducing her to his brother (Adam Goldberg), an avant-garde composer whose music is built around breaking glass and the clatter of metal objects. Before long, Madeleine has fallen for the pretentious composer and has to choose between him and the man who can keep her gallery in the black. Also starring Vinnie Jones and Zak Orth. – ROTTEN TOMATOES

I’ve been waiting to see this film for years, ever since the trailer it had me hooked. I simply needed to know what this film is really about! And you know what? The wait was worth as I loved it.

Even the film name, ‘Untitled’, really sums up the feel and tone the film is trying to portray. If you like satire or Woody Allan films then I think you’ll like Untitled. It’s that style of dry and witty humour that is revolved around the art world. Really enjoyed this film and Marley Shelton + Glasses = Me melting!

One Response to “NETFLIX Review: Untitled (2009)”
  1. FrontRoomCinema says:

    I haven’t seen this film. But I am also not really a fan of Woody Allen satire… so maybe I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as you matey

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