Top Films that became TV Cartoon Series’.

In today’s list I take a look back on another part of my childhood. Remember those 80’s/90’s films that were hugely popular, and then they became Saturday morning cartoons? No? Well here are a few to job your memory!

Now I appreciate I might be missing some but these are the Cartoon Series I remember the most. Many hours had been wasted on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon watching some of these as a young nipper. And looking back, some of them were surprisingly good!

DUMB AND DUMBER: The continuing nutty adventures of Lloyd and Harry and their pet beaver, as they drive around the country in their Dogmobile.


BACK TO THE FUTURE: An animated series based on the movie of the same name. Marty, Doc Brown, Jules and Verne travel through time in the Doctor’s modified DeLorean, bouncing from one era to the next where a different adventure awaits them each time. Between shows there are live-action segments featuring Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown with Bill Nye the Science Guy.


ALIENATORS: EVOLUTION CONTINUES: Taking up where the movie Evolution (2001) left off, this animated series features Dr. Ira Kane, Dr. Henry Block, Wayne Green, along with new character Lt. Lucy, as they try to stop the spreading of the alien organisms known as the Genus. Each episode features the Genus evolving into a new form of life, infecting the Earth.


THE MASK: The further adventures of Stanley Ipkiss and his magic reality defying mask which turns him into the invincible Mask.


BILL & TEDS EXCELLENT ADVENTURES: An animated series inspired by the popular movie of the same name. High School slackers Bill and Ted, with the help of Rufus, use the time traveling telephone booth to visit different points in our history and future. They get into various adventures and scrapes along the way, but always manage to survive by means of their unusual talents.


THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS: Animated cartoon series that followed the hit movie. Peter Venkman, Winston Zeddemore, Egon Spengler, and Ray Stantz are still hunting ghosts, but now with the friendly assistance of Slimer, who is no longer out to slime the good guys.


ACE VENTURA: The completely bonkers Ace Ventura continues to tackle cases involving stolen or missing animals, usually arriving at the solutions by pure fluke as he blunders his way through the facts in his inimitable way.

5 Responses to “Top Films that became TV Cartoon Series’.”
  1. Guest says:

    for some reason i never knew there was an ace ventura cartoon until now…

  2. FrontRoomCinema says:

    A great list, written by a great friend!! Nice work matey

  3. Russell says:

    OMG mate, one of my favourite articles!

    This list brought back so many memories of watching some of these on Saturday mornings! Great great job! 

    I learnt a thing or 2 as well. Had NO IDEA that Back to the Future and Bill & Ted were TV shows! How awesome is that! I would totally watch them now!!!

    Excellent write-up!

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