NETFLIX Review: Tiny Furniture (2010)

A recent college graduate keeps stumbling as she steps out into the real world in this independent comedy drama. Aura (Lena Dunham) has just graduated from a university in the Midwest, receiving a degree in film theory that even she seems to realize is essentially worthless. With no real prospects she returns home to her mother, Siri (Laurie Simmons), a successful photographer living in New York City. Aura’s 17-year-old sister, Nadine (Grace Dunham), is about to graduate from high school and is choosing which college to attend in the fall; Aura is ostensibly back home to help Siri and Nadine during a hectic time, but they don’t appear to particularly need or want her assistance. – ROTTEN TOMATOES

Tiny Furniture is a film that you might see out soon in the UK, but I’d imagine on a tiny limited release. So with that in mind, US Netflix to the rescue!

This is a film I’ve been monitoring slightly since I saw the trailer nearly two years ago. Unfortunately for me though it didn’t live up to my own expectations. Yeah it was good but in the end I found just *too* quirky for my liking. I did however admire Lena Dunham who wrote, directed and starred in it. Great job from Dunham who  really is the heart and sole of this film. Expect a bright future for her.


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