NETFLIX Review: I Am Comic (2010)

Comedian and filmmaker Jordan Brady offers an inside look at the art and business of stand-up comedy in this documentary. In I Am Comic, more than eighty professional comedians — ranging from struggling beginners to veterans with over a fifty years of experience — talk about the nuts and bolts of their work, discussing how they create their material, how an act comes together over time, the rigors of performing and their relationship with their audience. The film also focuses on one particular performer, Ritch Shydner.

I am Comic is a documentary that explore the entirety of the world of a stand-uo comedian. Done mainly with interview segments interlaced with Ritch Shydner’s journey. Lots of famous and cult American comedians appear to tell what its really like to be in there profession.

I enjoyed this and found it funny and insightful. Definitely worth a watch for fans of stand-up and documentaries.


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