LOVEFiLM Review: Kill List (2011)

From director Ben Wheatley, Kill List is a mind-blowing genre concoction being called the “#1 Horror Film of the Year” (Bloody-Disgusting). A brilliant blend of family drama, hitman action-thriller and terrifying psychological horror film, Kill List tells the story of an ex-soldier turned contract killer who is plunged into the heart of human darkness. Eight months after a disastrous hit job in Kiev left him physically and mentally scarred, Jay (Neil Maskell) is pressured by his partner Gal (Michael Smiley), into taking a new assignment. As they descend into the bizarre, disturbing world of the contract, Jay’s world begins to unravel until fear and paranoia sending him reeling towards a horrifying point of no return.

Okay so, I just watched Kill List, and erm… yeah, what to say really? Other than its brilliant! It is surprising that Kill List is only director Ben Wheatley’s second feature film, since he has shows such an assured and confident directorial style. The plot constantly throws the viewer off guard, and moves at leisurely but never dull or boring pace.

Kill List is a truly British film. I won’t give away even the slightest plot detail since this would ruin the film, but I could see echoes of both The Wicker Man and Straw Dogs all through the film, which quite frankly was full of dank 1970’s dread.

All I can say is, see Kill List now!


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