London Film Festival 2012 Diary: Day 2

Thursday Till Sunday:

Two children travel with their parents from Santiago Chile to the north of Chile for a family holiday.

Day 2 of LFF saw this opening Chile film of the day, a very very slow burning road-trip movie with a family. And let me tell you, I thought it was utterly pointless.

I didn’t feel anything for ‘story’ at all nor did I find it satisfying, if anything it made me frustrated and had me thinking what did I waste my morning on. It’s 96 minutes but believe it felt twice as long! Only way I could compare the film to in some way is last year’s Argentine drama ‘Las Acacias’ – except that was actually going somewhere. 

The positive I will take is that it’s shot very well and the acting amongst the kids were very well displayed.



The Samurai That Night:

The Samurai That Night follows seemingly mild mannered Kenichi Nakamura’s quest to avenge the hit-and-run death of his wife.

This film left me utterly baffled and to be honest, I still don’t know what to say. This Japanese film to me didn’t know what kind of tone it really wanted to go for. Some of it was funny in a dark humour way then it would be really serious and ambiguous.

I didn’t hate, I thought it was alright considering I really don’t what it was all about in the end. A unique and confused take on a vengeance film. Very much doubt this will see UK shores ever again to be honest.








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