Electric Light Orchestra songs in Movies

I am a bit of an Electric Light Orchestra fan or “ELO”. Their symphonic/progressive is not only incredibly catchy but also so instantly recognisable around the world. So it comes as no surprise that a fair few films have sampled their extensive back catalogue to use as part of potential soundtracks. Not bad for a band from Birmingham, England.

So in this post I’m going to rattle out some films that use the power of ELO to great effect within their respected movies. One thing though, as I have no way of finding the clips that link to the songs you will have to make-do with just a YouTube embed and a picture.

Don’t Bring Me Down, (SUPER 8)

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Telephone Line, (BILLY MADISON)

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Roll Over Beethoven, (BEETHOVEN)

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Showdown, (KINGPIN)

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All Over The World, (PAUL)

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Don’t Bring Me Down, (DONNIE BRASCO)

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Hold On Tight, (LARRY CROWNE)

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Mr. Blue Sky, (MEGAMIND)

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Livin’ Thing, (BOOGIE NIGHTS)

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The only scene worth knowing has a video! (aka GOLDMEMBER)

3 Responses to “Electric Light Orchestra songs in Movies”
  1. Chris Mason says:

    No Xanadu..? No Electric Dreams..? Tut Tut.

  2. Virgin Suicides and Boogie Night references are my favorite. ELO fit so perfectly in those two. Great post!!

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