Top 5 non Disney/Pixar/CGI animation Films

“They don’t make them like they used do”. A common saying when looking back at the past, and this post is just that. Way before the days of Pixar, and where Disney animation was the power house cartoon company we still saw some wonderfully fantastic animation among us. Now, I love Pixar and Disney but … Continue reading

Total Recall: Top 5 Jack Black Films

Jack Black. A musician turned actor. He has made a lot of bad films though. But love or hate him he done some great work and here I am to show you. He can act as well, but like Adam Sandler he seems to set his bar at ground level most of the time. These … Continue reading

Six Facts about Ryan Gosling

  I saw this in the current issue of Empire Magazine and thought it was interesting, so i’m going to post it here. As you know I am not claiming this as my own work! He runs a Moroccan restaurant Tagine in Beverly Hills. It’s closed on Mondays. When he was eight years old, he … Continue reading

Top 5 Worst Films of 2011

I thought I’d kick off the annual lists with my five worst films of the year. I know there are far worst crimes to cinema out there than these but I going with what I actually saw. These five films were the runt of the litter. Here are my Top 5 worst films of 2011: … Continue reading

Top 5 Comic Hero Films of 2011

  Well, I don’t think there is any doubt that 2011 was the year for comic related films. Especially from Marvel releasing there final pre-Avenger films ready for next year. But also subtle titles like Cowboys & Aliens and The Green Hornet so we did have a fare few this year. This is my Top … Continue reading

To infinity and beyond! To 5 Pixar Films

  Lazy top 5 today I’m afraid. This time I look at my favourite Pixar films. There is no disputing that Pixar are the modern kings of family/kids animation films. I remember my first Pixar film as a kid and being blown away by it all. These are my Top 5 favourite Pixar films. 5. … Continue reading

I 15 h4ck1ng y0ur c0mpu73r m41nfr4m3: Top 5 Movie Hackers

  0111100101101111011101010010000001110010111100101101 11101110101001000000111001011110010110111101110101001000000111001 Did you get that? Computer hacking has always been very popular in films. Whether your taking down the government, re-starting a planet, trying to play games or even hacking for the sake of it – there are always extremely good and effective for what they do. So here are my Top 5 … Continue reading

Star Wars : Top 6, In Order

  Right, the Star Wars blu-ray release has been out for nearly two weeks now. I took the opportunity over two days to watch all six and crave my appetite for galactic civil war. I’m also partial to the fact I love all six films in the saga. Sure some have there flaws but also … Continue reading

Laughter is the best Medicine: My Top 5 Comedy Films

They do say laughter is the best medicine. I feel the mark of a great comedy film is memorable quotes. Quotes that you never forget that reel of your tongue at any given point. For this reason i’m listing my Top 5 favourite comedy films. 5. KNOCKED UP – “Marriage is like a tense, unfunny … Continue reading